August 17, 2020

At our next virtual workshop, Ron Webster is going to walk through multiple kitchen projects and how a well-planned remodel can vastly improve a room’s function. Ron will break down how he helped the clients create a new kitchen plan and the process behind that. He will start with the original kitchen, its obstacles in function, and the homeowner’s goals. From there Ron will show how he addressed the obstacles and goals within the new plan and finally the end result. In the workshop, he’ll go through everything from the material selection to how to find the right appliances to maximize a kitchen’s function.

Don’t miss How to Create a Functional Kitchen at our next virtual workshop on Wednesday, September 23 at 3 PM.


Ron Webster

Ron has been in the residential and commercial kitchen and bath industry since 1992. While attending JCCC he studied interior design in 1988-90 and found his niche in the kitchen & bath industry. Ron also was co-owner of his own remodeling company that renovated older homes and has many years of hands-on experience. “I bring the client’s vision to life while making their experience a special one,” Ron says.