January 1, 1970


I am interested in the Enviro Wall Chute 1000. Please provide pricing and availability.







We don’t actually sell the Enviro Wall Chute 1000.  However, you can find out more about it at this web site:


Several years ago we remodeled a kitchen for the inventor of this product, Gene Owen.  While we were in the design phase the question of where and how to handle the kitchen trash came up.  Usually space for the trash can and the odor produced by the trash can be a problem.  It’s a great product that provides for easy disposal of your trash and recyclables.  It can handle large quantities of trash and the trash is kept out in the garage so odor is no longer a problem in the kitchen.  You can install multiple units to handle different types of items.  Check it out, it’s pretty cool!


Jake Schloegel, CR