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Last updated on April 30, 2015

How To Avoid Certain Surprises in a Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Jake Schloegel, CR President and Founder
Jake Schloegel, CR
President and Founder

Jake Offers Tips For Home Remodeling

Dear Jake,

I am thinking about remodeling my kitchen and possibly my bath. What is the biggest “surprise” that customers experience when doing a kitchen remodel and how do I avoid them?


Dear B.,

Remodeling your kitchen or bath can sometimes be a big endeavor. Here is the typical process with most kitchen and bath remodeling projects: frustration with contractors not showing up at the agreed upon time, late in getting back with the estimate (if they do get back at all), sticker shock, waiting for the start date, start date arrives and the contractor might stay on the job or might have other jobs going on, the project takes twice as long and usually cost twice as much. It’s no wonder some homeowners get frustrated!

There is a way to avoid all of this.  Work with a quality and qualified remodeling company that provides full design services AND construction services –  a single source of responsibility for the entire project. Make sure the company is established, has a showroom, and a proven track record.  Yes, you will pay a little more, but your chances of having a good experience are much improved.

Also, in our experience we usually have more unforeseen issues appear when working on homes that are older and have already had a few remodeling projects over the years.

I hope this helps, and good luck!


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