Jeff Penrose, CRPM, 


Jeff has committed himself to various professional pursuits in his life. While earning his undergrad in biology from K-State, he worked in a lab performing research on the liver’s metabolism of pre-trial pharmaceuticals. He worked some years consulting with shipping and telecom companies to optimize their software to the market’s ever-changing demands, and had to adapt himself when demand for such consulting dried up. Building on skills he’d gained, primarily from a few years of flipping houses, he started a remodel and repair company that served the Kansas City area for over a decade. Today, he coordinates the production of our Design-Build projects.

Whether investigating how our bodies process a new allergy medicine, helping a trucking company develop inventory- and process-control software, or coordinating dozens of schedules for the production of a whole-house remodel, Jeff dedicates himself to projects. He thrives off the variety afforded by the life-cycle of every new project, and he appreciates the thought, care, and creativity at every step of our production and delivery.

His wife and he share over twenty years of marriage and two teenage children. His children have made his palate for music as broad as his skill set, and he has the remarkable capacity to enjoy anything from country to metalcore to modern pop. Outside of work projects, Jeff makes time for a healthy rhythm of CrossFit and cycling, a canoe trip every summer with his daughter, and the occasional weekend getaway to some Arkansas river-side campsite.