Just Ask Jake About Kitchen Remodeling, Part Two

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

Last week we told you how Jake has been reading up on the latest trends in kitchen remodeling. And who can blame him? With our great financing and pricing incentives going on now, he wants everyone to know how smart remodeling your kitchen really can be! We continue our conversation:

What are some of the biggest influences in Kitchen Remodels?

In these recent kitchen remodels, tighter budgets are driving many decisions.  Homeowners are opting for more simple appliances and cabinetry. In addition, “green” concerns influence what homeowners want.  They opt for renewable materials, LED lighting, and low VOC paint and are including recycling areas in their plans. Customers, even non-cooks, believe the kitchen should be the focal point of the home and open to other living spaces and/or the outdoors.

Next week, we discuss the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling.

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