January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

How do you remove grout from a decorated backsplash tile? We just had our kitchen backsplash replaced with 1×1 mosaic tile that has some decorative tiles on that have some raised decorations. Our contractor told us that it would be easy to clean it all up once he had grouted. Well it was not – he left a lot of the grout on the tiles and now we are faced with the problem. What should we do? He told us he was going to come back with muriatic acid and clean it. Is there a better way to fix this issue?

Thank you!! Sandra


I consulted the head of our One Week Bath Production Department, Chris Peterson. Here’s what he advised.

“Muratic acid, or a muratic acid based grout cleaner will definitely remove the grout haze from the tile. My fear is that it could also damage the decorative tile. I would test the cleaner on an extra piece of tile to see if it harms the finish. I would also test the acid cleaning solution on the counter top to see if it will damage it. If there is only a light film on the tile a wet scotch brite pad or other mildly abrasive pad and elbow grease may be the best bet”

Hope that helps,