Complete Your Kitchen with the Right Range Hood

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

All range hoods serve the same function: to eliminate heat and odors from the kitchen. However, more and more people are seeking them out to make bold style statements in the hearth of the home. Here, Schloegel Design Remodel designer Amy explains the varieties of hood ranges available on today’s market.


Under Cabinet Mount Hoods

under-cabinet-mountThis style range hood is popular because it allows the look of the cabinetry to flow up above the hood. The cabinetry isn’t functional, as the the venting passes through this area and out of the house either through the ceiling or the side.





Wall Mount Hoods

wall-mount-hood-2These hoods are usually stainless steel or another metal. Typically, people seek them out for their industrial and modern look. Like the under cabinet mount hoods, the heat passes either through the ceiling or the side.





Island/Ceiling Mount Hood

island-2ishThese hoods are available in stainless or cabinetry style and are most common above islands. They’re finished on all four sides simply because they’re visible all around.






Down Draft Hood 

down-draft-2Much more subtle than it’s alternatives, down draft hoods are common on islands or cooktops near a window. These usually vent through the basement of the house to the exterior.





Cabinet Insert Hood

cabinet-hoodCabinet inset hoods integrate cabinetry with the range hood seamlessly. You can customize the cabinetry to fit the exact style of your kitchen.




Have a question about range hoods? Contact a Schloegel expert today to learn more!