Kitchen Designers Share Tips in Remodeling Workshop

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

Schloegel Design Remodel introduced its first workshop in its Smart Remodeling Workshop series Tuesday. We’re proud to say it was a hit! IMG_0815

The workshop, Kitchen You: Planning Your New Kitchen Like a Pro, taught class goers about kitchen styles, as well as choosing the right hardware and materials for their lifestyles. Attendees also got plenty of one-on-one attention from designers, making sure that everyone’s kitchens questions were answered.

According to those surveyed about the workshop, attendees appreciated the “honest, upfront information about remodeling projects,” and “being able to see and feel all the products available.”

amy 2Attendees of the workshop, led by Schloegel Designers Donna, Gayle and Amy, surveyed counter top, cabinet, tile and hardware selections in a variety of styles to get an idea of how their perfect kitchen could look. Of course, designers stressed that style decisions usually happen after determining a kitchen’s ideal layout.

“Your layout is what makes your kitchen functional,” Donna said. “Style is what comes after you have a layout that lets you use your kitchen to its full potential.”

With the popularity of the DIY and HGTV networks, people talk about remodeling more than ever before. That’s a good thing, said Schloegel President and Founder Jake Schloegel. However, television remodeling shows don’t always reflect the realities of renovation,

“It’s good to get the community in here to have a real discussion about kitchen remodeling,” he said. IMG_0809

We’ll release details soon for Schloegel’s August workshop, Bathroom Revival: Big Ideas for Your Small Space. We hope to see you there!

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