Mitchell T

Mitchell Talmage

Mitchell brings years of experience in applying epoxy flooring and assembling and installing melamine cabinet and closet systems, making him familiar with many of the tools we use every day in the handyman department. His creative approach to troubleshooting problems will also be an invaluable asset.

To break the ice with customers, Mitchell looks for common ground or a unique piece in their house to compliment. As he gets to know their personality, he tailors his communication to best suit them. One very unexpected interaction happened while he was prepping a garage floor for epoxy. Upon hearing a strange noise behind him, he turned around to find a miniature pony strolling into the garage!

When the weather permits, he likes to get out with his family of four and camp, play disc golf, or put in some practice reps with his bow. Though he doesn’t consider himself a very artistic person, Mitchell is weirdly talented at carving pumpkins.