January 1, 1970

Last week Schloegel’s handyman services gave a customer in the Crestwood neighborhood access to his attic.  (So that’s where the Halloween decorations have been all this time!)   The customer is adding  a wall-mounted TV in their bedroom and wanted to conceal the wiring.   To do this the wires needed to be brought down the wall, internally, from the attic and out the bedroom wall, but there was no existing attic access.

Our Handyman Technician cut a hole in the ceiling of the bathroom, blocked in framing and trimmed out the opening.  He will place finish grade plywood in the hole and use an insulation board to keep the heat and cold out of the bathroom.  The materials will be painted and finished to blend into the ceiling.

Do you have a handyman project like this? Let Schloegel put our reputable handyman to work for you.  We’ll tackle your home maintenance and home remodeling needs!


handyman can fix this
Before - a blank ceiling with no access.
Attic Access by a Reputable Handyman
During - Let the wiring begin! We'll finish the opening with a finish-grade plywood and a great paint job.