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Last updated on January 1, 1970

We are working a kitchen remodel and breakfast room addition for a previous client whom we have had the pleasure to work with in past years.  An opening at the back wall of the existing kitchen will create the entrance to this new room addition.  The kitchen will be reworked to accommodate new cabinetry, appliances and a peninsula which will have an overhang for seating.  The breakfast room will have one wall of additional pantry storage and a beautiful see-through fireplace on the opposite wall.  This room will have a vaulted ceiling with a sliding glass door to the deck and transom windows above the door. 

Here is a small collection of pictures which show the house before we began work.  The entryway into the new breakfast room will be at the area where the existing kitchen sink is located, and will extend to the side wall as shown in the before picture.  The old breakfast seating area will now become the sink location.  The unique lights above the dining table are going to be rewired to fit in the taller ceiling and will be relocated above the table in the new room. 

Can’t wait to get started!