Painting Cabinets and Trim to Give a Dramatic New Looks

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

Cabinets can be a large investment in terms of installations in your home. That leaves you with the choice to pay more to completely start fresh with new cabinets or spend just a fraction of the cost when resurfacing and painting your kitchen cabinets.

Modernize your home with these simple tricks for painting a few key surfaces.

It’s in the Details

Details in your home matter when it comes to presentation. It’s easy to overlook crown molding, banisters, and baseboards that have become scuffed, worn away, or chipped. If you’ve put much effort into the quality and color of your freshly painted wall, don’t let the baseboards detract from your home decor. Some touch-ups to the paint on trim, such as baseboard and casings, can make your home look cleaner and more polished.

If you don’t currently have crown molding in your kitchen, adding some around your cabinets can add some extra flair to the heart of the home.

Revive Your Cabinets

With just a little bit of paint, your cabinets can get a new life. For cabinets (especially kitchen cabinets), color makes a big difference in the overall aesthetic and feeling when you walk into the room. Choose neutrals like white, beige, or gray to create a welcoming and clean atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, paint the cabinets in two tones, the darker shade is typically on the bottom cabinets, to anchor the kitchen, while the lighter shade is on the uppers. This look says sophistication and shows a bit of your daring personality.

A lot more goes into painting your kitchen cabinets than you might think. To paint your kitchen, you’ll need to do a deep clean of the outside of your cabinets (and even the inside, if you’re painting there as well). Any oil or other residues, which commonly build up in the kitchen from cooking and general use, must be fully removed before beginning the other stages. After cleaning comes sanding; you want to give the cabinet surface a way to retain the paint. Next, you can coat the cabinets with primer, and then finally, paint.

Freshen Up Old Furniture

Are you bored with some of the furniture in your home? Incorporate more vibrant shades to your kitchen furnishings, whether it’s the pantry, island, shelving, or another surface. Bright complementary shades can have a stunning impact on the overall look of your kitchen and will “wow” your house guests.

If you’d rather keep it neutral, simply touch up the furniture to add extra polish to your space. Painting the organizational furniture in your space leaves you with a cohesive, complementary color palette throughout the kitchen. Paint allows you to repurpose or fall back in love with a piece of furniture that perhaps you would have thrown away or donated.

If painting your cabinets seems like too big of a job to DIY, consider hiring professional painters. The team at Schloegel Design Remodel will make the transformation that you’re envisioning a reality. Call us today at (816) 448-8157 or reach us online.

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