The Perfect Parent Escape – REMY 2018 Silver All Star Winner

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Last updated on November 16, 2023

Our homeowners, both busy parents, wanted to finish a portion of their unfinished basement. Their goal was to create an adult area suiting both of their needs. She wanted a wine room and a place to spend time with friends. He wanted a room where he could watch games, smoke cigars, and play cards. They had worked with Schloegel previously and knew that Leslie Hatfield and Debby Schloegel would deliver on their needs.

They determined a wine room and game room would fit their needs. The design was crucial as you’d see into both rooms from the bottom of the stairs. They also needed to keep in mind how to handle ventilating cigar smoke in a basement. The shape of the wine room and working with the ceiling were our largest obstacles.

The Design

The basement was mostly unfinished when the project started, with the exception of the bathroom and some drywall in the game room. At the bottom of the stairs, we started the finished space, including a game room and a wine room.


Wine Room

The designated space for the future wine room was tight. It’s a long, narrow room. Leslie and Debby decided to place cabinetry at each end and left space for wine racks on the long walls.

They used a peg system for wine storage. so the layout maximizes the storage space. The homeowner can now spend time with friends in the wine room at the bar area, with acrylic cabinetry and a full-height backsplash for easy cleaning.

The homeowners were concerned about the view from their staircase.  A stunning view of the liquor display and glimpse into the game room awaits you when you reach the bottom of the stairs. A custom barn door isn’t only beautiful with its unique pattern barn door but it provides privacy. The vinyl floors mimic tile but an even easier material to care.

The entry to the wine room became the focal point. A lockable glass door allows views into the space and keeps it ‘adult only’. The backlight comes from an LED panel mounted to plywood and can slide in and out of the side of the cabinetry for easy replacement. We studied the client’s collection of spirits to achieve a balanced and customized furniture style piece where everything has its place.

Game Room

The new game room space has plenty of storage and a display area. It’s the ideal spot for football game watching, card games, and cigars. The ventilation system prevents smoke from going to other areas of the house and is functional for the clients love of cigars. The new space has plenty of storage and display area, with custom open shelving, lockable drawers, and a hidden beverage cooler paneled to look balanced with the other cabinets. 

The monochrome navy color scheme brings a masculine feeling, while not compromising the soft textures of the rug and seating.

This space now provides an area for parents and friends to socialize and/or escape from life without waking up the children. The new rooms turned the homeowner’s dreams and vision into reality. They have a fun adult entertainment space with features unique to both his and her needs!

This fabulous project took home a Silver REMY and All Star award.

Does your basement need an update? Give us a call to speak with a design expert.