There’s No Place Like Home For the Holidays!

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Plan Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel Now for a Home That’s Ready for Your Family’s Holiday Celebrations

Sure, the calendar screams summer. But for your remodel, think Christmas in June and July! If you are planning a full kitchen or bathroom remodel to be completed for this Thanksgiving and Christmas, summer is the time to begin.

Crunch the numbers to see why:

  • The average design time, from start to finish, can take up to two months. Additional elements can tack on more time. This is time well-spent as we help you make careful decisions on design and finishes and fully investigate engineering changes to your home.
  • All projects are different, but some construction can take two or more months.
  • Your remodel – from design to completion – could take from four to up to six months.

Don’t let the math startle you. You’ll be in good hands with the Schloegel Design Remodel team, and we’ll work efficiently. But a quality job and well considered decisions can take time. That is why now is a great time to press start on the remodel you’ve always wanted.

Of course, there are ways to considerably shorten this cycle, such as our Express Custom Kitchen and Baths. If your project doesn’t require big changes like moving walls or plumbing, then our Express products might be a good option for you. You still receive our designers’ guidance, our craftsmen’s quality work, and many choices for finishes all for a fixed price and with quick turnaround (about 7 days for a bath and 3 weeks for a kitchen). Call Debby Allmon at 816-361-9669 for more information.

No matter the size and scope, for a smooth remodel that’s done with plenty of time to roast that Thanksgiving turkey, start this summer. Your team at Schloegel will make sure there’s really no place like your home for the holidays. Call us today!