Prairie Village Kitchen Remodel – Week-By-Week – Week 5

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

This post is part of an ongoing project. Check out what happened last week right here!

This week, Sam and the Schloegel team began finishing flooring, began work on finishing the new half bathroom, and began painting.

The team began by sanding down the new and previously existing hardwood floors, giving them a nice, consistent grain and texture across the entire floor. We then applied a sample patch of the chosen stain – dark walnut. We could tell just from the sample that it would look fantastic! We continued the stain finish across the entire new floor.

Installing Hardwood, with Stain
New Hardwood Installed







We then moved to finish painting walls and cabinets and finishing out the half bathroom. The homeowners selected a great, fun, calming wallpaper pattern with birds and clouds, and we installed it in the bathroom. We even got a little bit of help from the daughters of the homeowners!

Beautiful Bird Pattern Wallpaper


Next week, we start to add some of the finishing touches. It’s getting really close!


Click to see the Before Floor Plan                          
Click to see the After floor Plan


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