Prairie Village Kitchen Remodel – Week-By-Week – Week 6

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

This post is part of an ongoing project. Check out what happened last week right here!

Things are starting to take shape for the homeowners this week. This week we began putting some of the finishing touches on like backsplash, countertops and fireplace tile. We’re approaching our deadline, but it looks like we’ll make it easily on-time and on-budget!

We began this week with finishing touches on the floor, then it was on to painting. The owners chose a really vibrant and fun color palate, that really brought some brightness into the space.

New Paint on the Walls

Next came the tile backboard around the kitchen backsplash and the backing of the fireplace.

Installing Backing for the Fireplace


The homeowners selected a beautiful white granite countertop, creating a stunning contrast with the dark, teal glass tile in the backsplash. We installed the countertops, then put up a test panel of the backsplash.


Installing a Beautiful White Granite Countertop

Then we continued the backsplash all the way around the kitchen. The homeowners were thrilled with the finished product. We agree, they really chose a great combination of colors!

Installing Dark, Teal Glass Tile in the Backsplash

Next week, we’ll finish the tiling on the fireplace and finish many of the final touches (Including a really fun light fixture over the island.) Then, in 2 weeks we’ll finally show the homeowners the finished product. I think they’ll really love it.

Until next time!


Click to see the Before Floor Plan                             
Click to see the After floor Plan


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