Get Remodel Ready: 5 Important Questions to Ask before Remodeling

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

remodeling questionsDeciding to remodel is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for homeowners. It’s an opportunity to take another step toward that dream home, improve an old house’s functionality, or plan for a growing family. To ensure the smoothest remodel process possible, it’s best to come prepared for the journey. Don’t take the risk of walking blindly into a home remodel. Along with substantial research, consult the local Kansas City Schloegel Design Remodel service and ask these important questions to ensure that the time is right for a home makeover.

Do You See Any Special Assistance Down the Road?

Changing family dynamics and health issues are important factors to consider before consulting with a designer. Aging family members may require special home additions like extra railings for stairs and bathrooms, accessible cabinets, and special door handles. As well, newborns and infants often require design considerations such as counters for changing or built-in furniture for safety. Even if these circumstances feel far away, it’s always good to consider a functional home design that’s ready to accommodate life’s sudden (or planned) changes.

Are You Keeping Your Home in the Family?

Remodeling a family heirloom home isn’t exactly the same as remodeling a short-term house to sell on the market. One of the hallmark features of antique homes is that they’re built to last. Consult with a reputable remodeling service to discuss the high-quality materials and expertise needed to preserve longevity and improve functionality. Old home remodels may require more robust features like high-quality granite countertops and specialty carpentry to fit with the classic aesthetic.
Other aging homes may need structural work to support a new addition, such as a brand new kitchen island. It is up to your remodeling team to help you anticipate these potential needs, so there are no huge surprise costs and completion delays.

What Are Your Goals for the Remodel?

Deciding on a home remodel is an excellent opportunity to think critically about the way spaces are used. For example, a room intended to be an office would need a remodel that allowed for more storage, accommodated furniture like file cabinets and large desks, worked with natural light, and inspired productivity through color. Guest bedrooms should be designed to make friends and family feel calm and at home, which can be achieved with calm blue hues or warm rustic features. Consider the experience of Schloegel Design Remodel, and ask how they would transform a space to make sure it served its intended purpose.

Is the Time Right for a Remodel?

Homeowners often put off remodeling, because of scheduling conflicts and life simply getting in the way. This, however, can stave off much-needed home additions, like updated design for elderly parents and safer infrastructure for children. To avoid potential problems that could arise from not remodeling, use a calendar or planner to narrow down a timetable that doesn’t conflict with work, family needs, and extended vacations. It may also help to speak with a local Kansas City handyman service to see if a full remodel or simple maintenance is in order.

Are You Fully-Prepared for Your Remodel?

Planning makes for perfect outcomes! Being ill-prepared for a new remodel can open the floodgates to a variety of problems. Always consider the purpose of the remodel itself and the intention for each space, so guest bedrooms will always be welcoming to visitors and breakfast nooks appetizing to the family. When in doubt, remember to contact Schloegel Design Remodel to discuss the best possible ways to achieve a successful remodel.

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