Reducing Outside Noise on a Screened-In Porch Can Be Difficult

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


Jake Schloegel, CR, President and Founder

I was showing a house yesterday and there is a noise problem (traffic) while being outdoors on an upper level screened-in porch. The porch has a high ceiling.

Any suggestions that you could recommend to reduce the noise? Are there any project solutions that you have used to solve this issue?

I did go online to research; are there items that can be installed on the ceiling, such as noise barriers?



Most of the noise reduction work we have done has either been confining noise to a certain room, i.e. sound proofing walls and ceilings or reducing the noise and echo affect in a room, such as sound absorption panels on walls or ceilings, like in a sound studio.  Since the noise you are describing is coming from an outside source, road traffic, nothing really comes to mind.  As you can see along I-435 they are erecting these huge sound walls to help reduce noise transmission.  I have seen landscaping, such as fern or cypress trees, something rather thick, used as sound curtains.  Maybe sound absorption panels installed on the ceiling and indoor-outdoor carpet on the floor, might reduce the sound a little, at least cut down on the echoing.

Jake Schloegel, CR