Remodeling reservations

Last updated on January 1, 1970

Question for Jake:

Jake….I have a problem.

I have a peninsula in my kitchen with a corner cabinet and 2 sets of double cabinets. I want to remove all 3 of these and put up pendulum lights. Do I have to remove the soffit? Will it look silly if I leave it? Removing it will open a whole can of worms! What is your opinion?


Jake’s answer:


Opening a whole can of worms is not such a bad idea if you’re planning on going fishing.  In remodeling, it’s a whole different story.  If you leave the soffit, just about everyone will most likely know that you removed cabinets and didn’t want to mess with the soffit.  To come up with a nice finished end product, I would remove the soffit, deal with worms and enjoy the newly remodeled area with a full height ceiling. That’s my opinion.