A Renovated Kitchen Transforms a Home Built in early 2000’s

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Last updated on January 14, 2021

We often share renovated kitchens in older homes but this week we’re sharing one that took place in a newer home. It’s a misconception we all have if it’s new it’s better but that’s not always true. This home was built in 2006 and while the majority of the home fit the homeowner’s needs, the kitchen fell short.

Original Kitchen

The layout was awkward, the standard size cabinets looked small with the nine-foot ceilings and overall it felt small. The island was two-tiered and awkwardly shaped. It also didn’t offer much workspace.

Another pain point in the kitchen was the pantry. A standard 30” height pantry cabinet was used as an entry to the walk-in pantry. Unfortunately, this just didn’t work. The builder left the opening height for the pantry at a 96” height but built the cabinet at an 84” height, which left roughly a 12” gap between the top of the cabinet door to the top of the doorway. When the doors were closed you had light from inside the pantry coming out above the pantry.

The Solution

The homeowner’s contacted Schloegel hoping to improve the overall functionality of their kitchen. They had the opportunity to work with Ron Webster who immediately offered design ideas for a different layout that would not only improve their kitchen’s functionality but create tons more storage as well.

Original Floorplan
Updated Floorplan









Ron recommended removing the existing island and replacing it with a larger rectangular island. The larger island enabled the homeowners to keep their existing wood floors without needing to patch in areas. He also relocated the oven next to the fridge. This opened space for drawers under the gas cooktop. Ron also suggested larger cabinets that took advantage of the ceiling height. Another small change with large impact was moving the sink over about a foot to provide counter space on both sides.

Renovated Kitchen

The new kitchen delivered on all the homeowner’s requirements. The seven-foot island houses the dishwasher, storage cabinets, double trash rollout and a bar fridge as well as the sink. There is plenty of room for entertaining and serving on the island.

The beautiful new Eclipse frameless cabinets make the kitchen feel much larger and offer plenty of storage. The perimeter cabinets are a classic eggshell color while the island has a gray stain showing the wood grain. It’s the perfect balance of colors. You’ll also notice the walk-in pantry is now disguised behind the cabinet doors.

The new cabinetry also has a few hidden details that make the kitchen much more functional. Cabinets on both sides of the cooktop roll out for storing cooking utensils. Inside a top-drawer also acts as an electronic center with built-in plugins. No more cord mess on the counter. The bar fridge is also disguised as a drawer to blend into the island. An easy way to grab a beverage and create extra space for food in the full fridge.

Kitchen Finishes

Ron and the homeowner’s worked together to pick out the perfect finishes for the kitchen. The Cambria New Quay quartz counter plays off the gray and white cabinetry while adding a little color and interest. The stunning backsplash is 3” x 11” Rewind Brick tile while the accent is the same size and color laid in a herringbone pattern. The three chrome pendant lights tie in with the stainless steel appliances and faucet.

Express Plus Kitchen

The transformation of this Express Plus Kitchen is amazing! A standard Express Custom Kitchen remodel has no modifications to any walls, windows or doors, and minimal electrical work. An Express Custom Kitchen takes three to four weeks to complete. Due to a few electrical and plumbing changes as well as cabinet choice this kitchen became an Express Plus kitchen and was completed in five weeks. It’s hard to believe the footprint of the kitchen didn’t change. The renovated kitchen fits the homeowners’ lifestyle much better.

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