Check Out This Year’s Ripple Effect Bathroom Reveal

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

Schloegel Design Remodel’s Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway is the highlight of our year, but we always want to help as many people as we can. That’s why we created the Ripple Effect. Often, a simple change in a bathroom can have a huge impact for a child with special needs. The Ripple Effect bathroom renovations, then, are for families who only need one or two changes to make their bathroom accessible.

This year’s Ripple Effect bathroom makeover went to an Overland Park family with two children who survived traumatic brain injuries and as a result are def, blind, wheelchair-dependent, and also live with a number of other complicated medical conditions. Schloegel is not identifying the family for privacy purposes, but the mother of the children wrote in her application that their previous bathtub was too small for her teenage son, leaving little room for his caregiver to rotate him and clean him. She also said that both of the children tended to slip out of their bath chairs, which is a huge safety concern.

“Having a bathroom that is safe for all will be a big stress relief for the family,” she wrote in the application. “Time in the water helps their muscles relax in a way that medicine is unable to.”

Before bathroom renovation

The main issue with the family’s shower/tub combination was its size and limited access, making this Ripple Effect makeover fairly straightforward. Our designer, Gayle, designed a beautiful zero-entry shower that will allow the children to lay on a shower bed for maximum safety and comfort. The handheld shower will make bathing much easier for both children as they age.

The production team did a beautiful job applying the oversized porcelain tiles and the same material is used in the mosaic floor. The earth-tone colors and sleek features gives the bathroom the feel of a luxury spa!

All in all, the new bathroom is incredibly elegant and functional.

After bathroom renovation

We’re very proud of this Ripple Effect project and wish this family only the best in their future!

Jake and the team after a day of shower installation!