Schloegel hosts Serbians

Last updated on January 1, 1970

Schloegel Design Remodel recently participated in the Community Connections Program of the United States Agency for International Development and World Learning, in which we hosted 10 visitors from Serbia. The Community Connections Program is administered locally by the International Visitors Council of Greater Kansas City (KCIVC).

The goal of the KCIVC is to promote citizen diplomacy by person-to-person contacts to help shape United States foreign relations, which is why the ten participants stayed in the homes of local community citizens for 22 nights.

Jake Schloegel is shown with the visiting Serbians as they tour SDR’s shop area

The purpose of their visit to SDR was to hear how a small company like Schloegel Design Remodel responds to the call of corporate social responsibility. Serbia, having been under Soviet rule for many years, is new to the free market system and the social responsibilities that come with it. While at Schloegel they viewed a PowerPoint presentation of the various community service projects that Schloegel participates in on a regular basis and heard how Schloegel deals with ethical business issues.

For more information on the Community Connections Program visit the International Visitors Council of Greater Kansas City web site.