The Schloegel Team Steps Up to Help Move One of Their Own

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Last updated on July 1, 2021

One of our team members recently sold her home and while moving is ALWAYS a tedious process, this instance was a little more extreme than the norm. Some of our amazing team (also known as family) stepped up to help her out.

The Perfect Storm of Events

Heather McCoy is Schloegel’s Office & Administrative Manager. She makes this company of over 70 employees run smoothly; without her, we’d be thrown into a ball of chaos. Heather not only runs the office but her home as well. Heather’s 3 children Makiah, Michael, and Meah are involved in plenty of extracurricular activities and keep home life pretty eventful.

Heather’s husband has been out of state for work since May and to add to all that her acreage home which had been listed for months sold. Unfortunately, her husband being home to help pack up and move was not an option. Heather and the kids managed to pack up the house and two shops but knew they had their forthcoming work cut out for them in moving it to storage before finally moving it again to their new home. She let the office know her upcoming schedule would be a little erratic in the coming weeks but not once did Heather ask for help or complain. That’s just who she is, she manages to ALWAYS get things done regardless of circumstance.

Insert the Schloegel Team

Never one to leave a lone man/woman standing, Kirk Thomas sent out an email to the entire Schloegel team letting them know when Heather would be moving and encouraging those who could fit a few hours into their schedule to be there. In less than a few minutes Schloegel team members responded with no hesitation, “I’m In.”

Unbeknownst to her, a team of about 10 team members showed up at Heather’s home at 8 AM this past Saturday ready to work. We should probably mention here that Heather doesn’t live around the corner in Kansas City, oh no, she lives in Drexel, MO. We’ll save you a Google search, that’s about an hour from Schloegel’s office and our team lives all over the city North, South, East, West…you get the picture. It was a drive.

Heather was overwhelmed, she knew a few folks were coming but had no idea an entire team had been assembled. The team dove right in and within an hour and 45 minutes her entire home and two shops had been completely moved to their temporary locations. Wow, what would have taken more than an entire weekend took a matter of hours! You know that saying “Many hands make light work, yeah, it’s true.

A True Blessing

Heather posted on our Group page a few hours later

“I honestly can’t put I to words how blessed I am at the amount of support who showed up at my house, in the middle of nowhere to help my family move. The people I work with are not co-workers, they are Family! Some of them drove nearly two hours from their home to ours and in two hours my ENTIRE house and two shops were packed and loaded. I had been in the house and my kids told me to go outside. I was bawling when I saw so many cars and members of my Schloegel Design Remodel family standing in my yard. These people will never expect anything in return, but I am forever grateful indebted to all of them.”

In true Schloegel spirit, the team celebrated after with lunch and a few games of pool. We are blessed to work side by side with wonderful people!

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