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Last updated on January 1, 1970

We’re very proud that our very own, Donna Kirsopp, recently had one of her designs featured on the Kansas City Homes & Gardens website. If you missed the article, don’t worry. We have plenty of great pictures to share with you. And we’ll even share some of the commentary from the KCH&G article.

The main goal of the project designed by Donna was to help homeowners Steve and Karen O’Neill create an outdoor living space that their six children would enjoy. The outdoor space now serves as an entertaining hot spot for the teenage children and their friends, as well as the adult guests.

Here are some photos that show the outdoor space prior to the remodel.

Here’s Donna’s take on the outdoor living space remodel:

The clients needed more patio area, which would accommodate large gatherings with multiple areas for seating. Steve, an avid griller, wanted an outdoor kitchen that would accommodate all his barbecue needs, including counter space for buffet serving, accessory storage and a locked adult-beverage center.

The brick fireplace in the outdoor space was inspired by an existing brick wall in the O’Neill’s backyard. While reusing some of the salvaged brick from the original patio, Donna was able to create a beautiful fireplace that complements the O’Neill’s Tudor-style home.

I think as a design element, the brick gives the pattern in itself a more formal feel. Also, the curves used in the design could not have been done in stone. I think doing all the radiuses would have been more difficult with stone. Using brick adds elegance; it’s a little less rustic.

Here are some ‘after’ photos of the outdoor living space remodel.

Congratulations on a job well-done, Donna!

To read the entire article, visit the Kansas City Homes & Gardens website.

Photos courtesy of Kansas City Homes & Gardens