May 6, 2015

Out in the Field with Handyman Don

Don Richeson
Schloegel Handyman Don Richeson

A Simple Grout and Caulking Job Leads to a New Shower

This Northland customer needed some simple caulk work and grout repair around the shower. Unfortunately when we started the work, the tiles fell off the wall. What was found was improper installation of drywall in a shower area that had rotted and the tiles were no longer bonding to the rotted surface. Digging further, we found the rot was to the framing and the sub-floor. 

In stepped Schloegel Handyman Service to help! Handyman Don Richeson installed new shower valves, framing, sub-floor, cementuous backer board (that won’t rot), Onyx shower base and surround, and a new glass shower enclosure and door.  Handyman Don did a fantastic job of fitting this new product into the existing space and making it look stunning!

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Rot, all the way to the framing & subfloor
Rot, all the way to the framing & subfloor
A beautiful new shower enclosure
A beautiful new shower enclosure





















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