Smart Technology in the Kitchen with Kohler – Podcast: Episode 2

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Last updated on May 18, 2021

In this episode of the Schloegel Design Remodel Podcast Nicole Bell, a Sr. Sales Executive at Kohler, shares what a smart faucet is and what it does. She also shares some of the other new features Kohler faucets offer today.

What is a Smart Faucet?

A smart faucet can actually mean a couple of different things. We’re venturing into some new territory. And I think with the environment that we’re in obviously with COVID, we’re really looking at ways to be a little more sanitary, especially in the kitchen area.  The kitchen is where everybody is, so we want to make sure that people feel like they’re working in an environment that is sanitary and safe right now. When you talk about a smart faucet or smart technology it can mean one of two things. One primarily we’re looking at a touchless faucet. The ability to wave your hand for the faucet. The faucet comes on with a wave again and the faucet goes off with a wave. So that’s the simplest term for smart technology. We’ve also added in another aspect which would be KOHLER® Konnect™. You can actually set up your faucet by downloading the KOHLER® Konnect™ app and then connect to your Alexa platform.

And essentially you say, “Alexa, fill my pots, or Alexa, fill three cups.”  Kohler is incorporating a lot of this technology in the home. Not only in the kitchen, but in other spaces as well. With the Kohler app, you can go in and do some presets. You can choose those multiple options including amounts of water for different pans and temperatures.

This technology is really great, especially right now, for sanitation. For example, if you’re making chicken, you want to make sure you’re not touching everything after dealing with the raw chicken. The touchless faucet allows you to avoid touching anything until you’ve washed your hands. It just helps keep that kitchen more sanitary and cleaner.

What do you need to set up a smart faucet?

As we had mentioned, for the KOHLER® Konnect™, you’ll need an Alexa device and the KOHLER® Konnect™ app. The only other thing that you will need is access to an electrical outlet for the faucet. Most homes already an outlet underneath their sink for their garbage disposal and dishwasher. This means, most people are probably already set up for this. So, if you’re ready for a smart faucet, you can do it.

Kohler is known for its stunning faucet finishes and design excellence. Is KOHLER Konnect offered in the same breadth of options?

Kohler started with one faucet, the Sensate® and there was a lot of demand for it. So last year they released five new faucets to the line of touchless. Kohler plans to add touchless technology to every pulldown faucet in 2021. They started with one and are already are offering six!

Kohler really tries to look at the design of the faucet and incorporate the correct finishes to that design. And the smart faucets are no exception, those six faucets also offer the same finishes as they do with the standard faucet. Kohler offers traditional, transitional to more modern design faucets and the finishes offered to harmonize with the design style. For example, their Crue® is a modern, clean-line design and oil rubbed bronze isn’t an option as that finish doesn’t lend itself to that style.

What are some of the new faucet finishes?

Some of the top requests in faucet finishes are gold and matte black. They’re the latest trend that we’re seeing in everyone’s home, including the kitchen. Kohler has been progressing with their matte black finishes and offering it in a lot of their faucets.

Another unique finish Kohler offers is its ombre finish where the polished nickel flourishes into rose gold. Similar to that Kohler has several faucet lines in the bathroom where you can mix and match handles and spout colors. It’s a lot of fun to be able to personalize faucets and a trend we’ll keep seeing more of.

Faucet Spray Options

Kohler offers a variety of spray options in their pull-down faucet.  Obviously, they have the regular fill spray, which is the stream that comes down. Then they offer a sweeping spray, which refers to as a carwash spray because it turns the spray into a blade that covers the sink. It helps to remove stubborn particles stuck in your dishes and sink. It really does a real quick, nice clean.

Another option spray option is called BERRYSOFT™ SPRAY. It’s perfect for someone who rinses a lot of fruit, vegetables, and especially berries. It’s a nice, big, wide soft spray. Berries, specifically raspberries can be delicate and if you have water too hard, they can kind of rip apart. This spray is nice and easy with full coverage, soft spray that can get them clean without destroying them.

A recently added spray is their BOOST™ TECHNOLOGY. This spray is what you need if you’re filling a big pot or pitcher, you can hit bost and that’ll give you kind of in that extra jolt of water to fill it quickly.

The question everyone wants to know, how much extra does the smart faucet cost?

It doesn’t cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars more to upgrade from a standard pull-down faucet to a smart faucet. It’s important to remember every line and finish in each line has different pricing but once you’ve made your choice adding technology maybe $100 to $200 more. Kohler is trying to make the price point attainable as they want these functions to become the standard rather than the exception.

Nicole did note the sprays are already standard in their pull-down faucets so it’s whether you choose to upgrade to a touchless or voice-activated faucet.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a bit more about what a smart faucet is, what options it offers, and whether it’s maybe the right choice for you.

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