Soffit Solutions

Last updated on January 1, 1970

Hi Jake,

I have a soffit in my kitchen that I would like to remove to place 42 inch cabinets. I have an old home built in the 30’s that has plaster walls. I removed the soffit wall so that I could also add insulation, but I found two pipes that come out about 4 inches from the wall. I don’t have the money to pay for a professional to remove or relocate them and wanted to know what options I might have when adding drywall and hanging my cabinets. Thanks much.



We too have run into concealed items when removing a soffit.  Sometimes pipes, as you have described, and sometimes wires and duct work.  You have three options; 1.  Re-install a soffit on the wall where the pipes are located.  2.  Relocate the pipes so they will be either set in the wall or ceiling area above or 3.  Cut out the cabinet backs, tops, or both so the cabinets can be installed “around” the pipes.  We have done the 3rd option then we built a wood covering for pipes to be installed inside the cabinets.  If you choose the 3rd option, you might have to reinforce the cabinets, depending on how much you cut out.  You most likely will void any warranty on the cabinets as well.

Good luck,