The Handyman Team Revitalize a Screened Porch & Deck – REMY Winning Project

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

With this warm weather, we’re in a porch state of mind, so enjoy another great KC project! Our clients live in a beautiful home on the shore of a small neighborhood lake. Taking in their lake view, with a cup of coffee is their favorite morning activity. Through the years, weather elements had taken their toll on parts of the home’s exterior, so the homeowners reached out to our handyman team to help make the necessary repairs. They worked with Troy Stout on a plan for the repairs and it is easy to see how it won a Silver REMY.









The Plan

The original plan was to just address wood rot on much of the decorative trim work around the windows and freshen up the stucco finish with new paint. After we started to take a closer look the homeowners decided to install new Marvin windows and make updates to their screened porch. We divided the project up into phases starting with the initial wood rot, followed by new windows, interior trim paint, exterior paint, and screen porch update.  This process of breaking down the project into phases created the least amount of impact on the lives of the clients.

New Support Posts & Windows

Kirk Thomas, Judd Galloway, and their team replaced all the cedar support posts and crown supporting the deck and porch. They utilized temporary support beams in order to this. The old posts had weathered their fair share of damage and we replaced them with square posts giving the porch a classic, clean look.







We replaced nearly all the windows in the home with new Marvin windows.

A Revitalized Porch & Deck

The new windows beautifully accent the home and will help with interior temperature control. The new windows will last for many, many years to come. Judd and his team also removed and replaced the screens on the porch. We selected SCREENEZE® screens in bronze, perfectly accenting the home’s natural colors.

The new deck and porch floors are Azek composite in mahogany. These polymer boards ensure our homeowners won’t have to ever sand, seal, or re-stain their deck. To add visual interest and space separation we wrapped the beam separating the screened porch from the patio below with Azek.

We also installed new interior railings in the interior of the porch for safety. The Fortress aluminum railing in powder black contrasts with the natural wood colors on the porch.

By using a systematic approach we were able to restore this home without major disruption to the homeowners. They’re delighted with their updated porch and deck and look forward to enjoying the outdoor space they love so much.

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