Thinking About Remodeling? Don’t Worry, We’re Still Working!

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Yes, we’ve temporarily halted construction to get a better understanding of how we can work through Kansas City’s Shelter in Place mandate but our team is still working hard remotely!

Our amazing Office Team is still handling day to day activities including your calls! If you’d like to discuss your project, they’ll make sure to get back with you and aligned with the right person on our Design Team.

Speaking of our Design Team, they’re busying returning calls and instead of an in-person visit you may have the chance to walk them through your project via video. They have also been working with their clients through video calls and ensuring all projects keep moving forward.  Securing material availability has also been a top priority and they are ready with new options should anything become difficult to procure.

Our Production Team has been busy on the phones trying to understand how the pause will impact our schedules both internally and with our subcontractors. They are working diligently to put a plan in place allowing our team to work safely for all parties involved. Our continued goal is to provide The Ultimate Client Experience.

It’s been a great opportunity for our team to adapt to the environment and quickly learn tools they hadn’t used before. Yesterday some of our team members had a virtual meeting so we could discuss how to support our team and clients.

Team meeting

Thank you, KC, for your continued support through this tough time!

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