This is my FIRST BLOG and it’s about my BLANCO SILGRANIT SINK!

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Last updated on January 1, 1970

OK…some of my kids and many of my friends are going to say, “Kath…you’re blogging about a sink?  Get a life girl friend!”   But seriously, I really wanted to write this blog for my buddies at Schloegel Design Remodel!  The team at Schloegel Design Remodel, led by Debby Allmon, remodeled my home in Prairie Village eight months ago.  Naturally, the kitchen was a priority.  During the remodeling process, Debby and Megan sent me over to the Ferguson Showroom in Lenexa.  I spent a long time picking out toilets, sinks, faucets, a bathtub, etc.  But the very BEST thing I picked was my BLANCO SILGRANIT sink for my kitchen!

I’ve done dishes in many different kinds of sinks for many, many years.  Growing up, my family had the classic white ceramic sink.  Of course, my Mother made me scour that darn sink with green Comet Cleanser.  Whew…it smelled funny and took a lot of elbow grease.  Sometimes, but not too often, my sister and I would actually have Comet Cleanser fights and throw that green powder at each other.  Not smart, but tons of fun!

When I was in our first new house, back in the 70’s, I thought I was in Heaven because we had a brand new stainless steel sink!  It was really shiny…for a while!  I became compulsive about trying to keep it shiny and without those pesky water spots!  I’ve had several more homes before I moved into my current house and each one of those homes had a stainless steel sink.  Same deal…they were shiny…with water spots!

Finally, at Ferguson’s, I was introduced to the BLANCO SILGRANIT sink.   The size caught my attention first.  The section on the left was large enough to soak a large broiler pan!  The section on the right was slightly smaller and housed the garbage disposal, which was controlled by an air-forced on and off button.  The sink was actually made from an ultra-durable and cleanable surface of 80% rock-hard granite.  It resists scratches, stains and heat like no other sink I’ve ever used.  And it comes in a variety of trendy colors! I chose creamy beige. For everyday day dirt and stains I use my dish soap and a sponge to clean the sink.  For those grey scratch marks you get from heavy pots and pans, I use “Bar Keeper’s Friend” on a damp sponge.  A few swipes and those scratch marks are gone!  This sink does not stain!  It is truly the easiest sink to keep clean!  And, no water spots!

So, there you have it…my personal blog about the perfect kitchen sink!  Hey, it’s the little things you use every day that you appreciate the most!   A BLANCO SILGRANIT sink will never fail you!

– Kathy M.

Want to learn more?  Call Schloegel Design Remodel at (816) 361-9669 and ask for Debby or Megan.  They will help you find your perfect sink…or what every else you may need to make your home a little bit more comfortable!