Use Color to Set the Tone for Your Remodeled Home

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Last updated on December 22, 2022

DSC_4464What’s your favorite color? It’s a question we ask children all the time as we encourage them to form their own opinions and preferences. It’s a good question for adults too, in recognizing our disposition toward particular hues. Yet, when it comes to a redesign, a better question might be this: how do you want to feel when you walk into a space? Do you want the space to feel calm? Busy? Warm? Color has a large impact in how a room feels, both spatially and emotionally. There’s a difference between how we feel about a color and how a color will make us feel when it dominates a space.

If you’re in Kansas City and doing kitchen remodeling, or just looking for a small change to a bedroom, here are some tips on choosing the right colors to set the tone in your home:

  1. Think about the purpose of the room you’re painting.

A bedroom is often a place of sanctuary and retreat – choosing a loud, warm shade might not be the best choice. Instead, opt for something calm and soothing, like a cool, pale blue or neutral beige. Alternately, you can choose something more intimate like royal purple to add depth and drama to the space.

Conclusion: A favorite color isn’t always the best choice for the room you’re painting. Think about what that room is used for first and make color choices accordingly.

  1. Choose a focal point in the room.

Four walls make a room, but one wall can make a difference. If a room has a beautiful archway, bay windows or romantic fireplace, choosing to highlight the wall on which this feature rests can be a great décor decision. Consider painting one wall slightly darker or lighter than its surrounding area. It’s a subtle choice that can add a lot of interest to a space. Choosing a focal point can be valuable if you’ve chosen a bright wall color, for example. You can then choose fabrics and furniture that are in more muted shades, which won’t compete with—but will instead highlight—such a bold color. Keep in mind, however, that bold colors and patterns can quickly look dated. If you’re interesting in using something vibrant or daring, think about using a bold color as an accent instead.

Conclusion: Whether you choose bold or muted colors, a single focal point in a room can help to create evenness and visual interest in your space.

  1. Whatever Colors You Choose, Be Consistent.

You may want each room in your house to feel a different way – and they certainly can – but it’s critical to find a color thread that joins the rooms together visually. Picking numerous colors and textures for each room can make a house feel awkward and divided. Consider choosing one or two main colors that will be the baseline choices for the home, dotted with an accent color or two to switch things up.

Conclusion: Streamline the look in your home by finding a unifying color scheme.

  1. Think About the Size of Your Space.

08The size of your space can affect the perception of a color. If the space you’re working with has lots of area and tall ceilings, consider painting it a bright, warm color to draw the space in toward you. Conversely, think about painting a smaller space a darker hue to push the walls out a bit and make the room feel less tiny. Whether it’s a whole house remodel in Kansas City or just a Kansas City kitchen remodel, Schloegel Design Remodel can help you reach your project goals.

Conclusion: Taking the size of the space into consideration will help you make better color choices when it comes time to paint.

  1. Let The Light Show Off Your Colors

After you’ve done the hard work of choosing your colors, remember that lighting can play a big role in how those colors are perceived. Think about the intended usage of the room and choose fixtures and bulbs accordingly. For example, a bedroom could use decorative wall lighting to delicately accent a piece of art. Choosing multiple lighting structures and sources can also help you attain your goal: a floor lamp, a wall sconce and track lighting in the same space can all serve different purposes when it comes time to show off your remodel.

Conclusion: Be it sunlight or lamplight, light matters when you want to display your design choices. Pick the right structures and bulbs to display your home at its best.

Feeling confused? No need to make all the decisions without expert support. If you’re in Kansas City and need a handyman service, design suggestions or full home remodeling, consider using Schloegel Design Remodel to help you achieve the perfect look for your Kansas City remodeling needs.