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Last updated on January 14, 2021

This is the third post in a series about the Ward Parkway Renovation. Just in case you missed it here’s Week 1 and Week 2. Follow along on our blog or visit the Ward Pkwy Reno page where we’ll be sharing all the blog posts and progress photos. In addition to our updates, you’ll be able to see the renovation from the homeowner’s eyes. The homeowner, Jen is sharing her journey on Instagram.

This week we’re sharing how the Schloegel team started work on the home additions. The home renovation includes two additions at the back of the home which adds 863 square feet to the home. One addition is the family room while the other is adding square footage to the primarysuite.

Home Additions

New additions on existing structures are more complicated than one may assume. It isn’t like new construction where everything is set and built at once. It’s extremely important to tie the addition into the home to make it seem as though it’s always been there. That means ensuring the floors are level and the roof lines are done correctly.

So how does Schloegel ensure that an addition is done right? The devil is in the details. It is crucial to have the layout and confirmation of the dimensions. Our team has a meeting to confirm the layout with dimensions for every addition we do. With all parties present the entire team knows the dimensions and there is no confusion once construction kicks off.

The additions in the Ward Pkwy Reno will have enough foundation to properly support the additions as well as a crawl space. A crawl space isn’t just a code requirement it also provides a place to run utilities, ductwork and ensure the addition is insulated. The crawl space will be fed by the heating and cooling system which empties into the crawl space.

Constructing an Addition

Building an addition does not obviously happen in a week so we’re condensing the process that has been taking place over the last several months into a couple posts. The team first kicked off with the foundation framing. Once the foundation was staked out, the excavation crew and their equipment were brought in and the digging commenced. The excavation removed enough dirt to create space for the additions as well as two feet of work space on each side.


Following the excavation, the team created the footing layout. Once the footings were poured the team prepares for the foundation walls by placing the foundation posts. Then the foundation was poured.

Footing Layout

TruckFoundation posts

FoundationFoundation Work

New Foundation
















Once the foundation is poured and set, tar is added around the entire perimeter to help seal it against the elements. The team then places and sets support beams. Finally, the soil is brought back in to fill the exterior and the interior is filled with gravel.


Support BeamGravel











Now let the framing party ensue! In our next post, we’ll cover framing as well as the other activities going on in the home.

Are you thinking about renovating your home? Give us a call to talk to a Schloegel expert.

The Schloegel Design Team

Megan Bringman holds an Interior Design degree from Kansas State University. She has over 15 years of experience working in the Kitchen/Bath Remodeling Industry. She is a member of the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) and is a certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD).   Megan loves working with her clients to take their visions to reality and seeing the project through until the final reveal.

Amy Boeshaar earned her Interior Design degree from Kansas State University. She loves working with her clients and helping them turn their vision into reality. Her design talent and attention to detail have won her several NARI REMY awards. She is a member of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and is a certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD).