We Are Making a Big Splash in the Lives of Some Very Special Children

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

Daniel & Samuel Andersen, 2011 Big Splash recipients
Daniel & Samuel Andersen, 2011 Big Splash recipients
Jake & Debby with Simone Porter, 2012 Big Splash recipient
Jake & Debby with Simone Porter, 2012 Big Splash recipient

When we first started the Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway project we had no idea that we at Schloegel Design Remodel would “get” so much out of it. Our 2011 & 2012 recipient families have been some of the most amazing and inspiring people we have ever met. We wanted to share with you how our Custom Bath Giveaway has changed their lives and give you a peek into why our lives have also been changed by these incredible kids.

Our Big Splash 2011 recipients were the Andersen Family. With the selection of this family we were able to help not just one child, but two! Brothers Daniel & Samuel, who were both diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2 when they were 16 months old, were enthusiastic & outgoing boys eager to show us around their home. They are both wheelchair-bound and it was clear that bathroom upgrades and modifications would improve their independence and give a much needed boost to their self-esteem. Throughout the journey we, along with the Andersen family, kept an ongoing photo journal of the process. After we revealed the improved bathrooms, the Andersen family in turn presented us with a beautiful video, expressing their gratitude & how the upgrades have changed their lives. See this video here.

In 2012, our Big Splash recipient was the Porter family. Simone Porter is a spunky young lady with an infectious smile who shares the same likes & dislikes of any girl her age. The only difference is Simone has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. She is a determined girl who was unable to access her bathroom independently before the improvements because her wheelchair wouldn’t fit through the door, and it was becoming difficult for her parents to carry her in and out. Now with the improved bathroom & modifications (including a bathroom door she can pass through on her own), she has increased independence in her daily life and a boost in her self-confidence. Simone’s mother, Sheila, sent us this heartfelt note:

The bathroom represents an improvement  to Simone’s quality of life.  She has a new level of independence and safety.  She and her sisters were sad to see the bath tub go. But, the open space and ability to take care  of herself in the shower with limited assistance was a boost to her confidence – confidence that every child needs.  We could not be more loving and supportive of Simone, however, we need help sometimes just as she does.  We were blessed to have Schloegel Design Remodel choose our Simone.  She has a been a blessing to us since her birth and we consider everyday a milestone.  One day, she turned the water off, pulled on the wall to scoot herself out of the shower and picked up her towel to start drying off.  We only know that, because when Waco came to check on her, she told him what she’d done.  We were so excited we almost cried.  That’s her; she’ll do whatever she can for herself, and now she has the space and opportunity.  With Schloegel Design Remodel and their team’s gift, Simone now has a better opportunity to gain more independence.”

 Thank you.

Waco & Sheila 

What an inspiration working with these two families has been! We are grateful to have had the opportunity and look forward to meeting the recipients of this year’s Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway.

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