What Would My Kitchen Cabinets Look Like Modified

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Last updated on January 1, 1970


We removed our soffits 10 years ago when we remodeled. There is a 2ft space between the cabinets and ceiling. I would like to put some smaller cabinets on top to store junk out of sight. I can’t find any photos of what this might look like. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.





See the first photo below to give you an idea of what your kitchen may look like with extended height wall cabinets.  In this photo, the upper cabinets have glass doors.  Imagine the doors being solid like the doors below.  You could keep them glass, and use a non-transparent glass.  A glass shop will have several examples of what is available.

Another option is to stagger your heights and leave some of your wall cabinets at their existing heights.  See the second photo below.

I would suggest you find a local custom cabinet shop that can build the cabinets to fit your space.

Most cabinet companies should be able to provide some cabinet drawings that will show you what your kitchen will look like with the cabinet modifications.