Window Pane Solutions

Last updated on January 1, 1970

Recently, our very own Debby Allmon was featured in the Handyman section of the Kansas City Star. Debby is a certified remodeler and Vice President here at Schloegel Design Remodel.

Debby was featured in the article as she answered a question submitted by a reader of the KC Star. The reader needed some tips on how to add privacy to the window panes of their French doors.

Here’s a look at what the reader asked the KC Star.

I have French doors in my house with 15 panes of glass (three panes across and five down, each 6 inches by 12 inches) on each door. I want to adhere mirrors over the panes of glass for privacy so I don’t have to use curtains. Someone told me I can’t glue mirror on top of glass. Is this true?

Debby gave the reader some great solutions to add privacy to her French door window panes. Here are some solutions from Debby.

You certainly can glue mirror on top of glass. Be sure to use an epoxy glue to provide a good bonding agent. Some adhesives will not hold over a long period of time on glass or mirror, but epoxy should.

Something you may want to consider is how this will look on the back side of the door — you may need to apply mirror to both sides of the glass so that you do not see the back of the glued mirror on the other side of the door.

Debby also suggested that the reader have the glass panes etched to give them a “frosted” appearance.
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