Smart Remodeling Tips – Window Replacement 101

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Last updated on January 15, 2021

Now is the time to think about window replacement! Whether you’re wanting something completely new or just want better insulation, Schloegel Property Solutions Manager Charlie Schloegel and Kansas City Millwork Co. have you covered. 

replacement-windowBefore you decide what kind of window replacement you need, it helps to know how the parts of a window work together. Windows are made up of rails and stiles on the sashes, while the jamb runs up and down it to offer structural support.


Insert Window

Insert window replacement is great for improving the insulation value and rFH03MAR_REPWIN_01educing draft in older homes that don’t need a full window replacement.

To complete an insert window replacement, remove the sashes and install a new insert unit with its own jamb inside of the jamb opening.

Full replacement window

best window installer chicagoA full replacement window is necessary when the window frame is rotted, deteriorated or when the window reaches its maximum life.

To complete a full replacement window, remove casing off the interior and exterior trim. Then, take the entire window unit out of the opening, replacing it with an entirely new unit. This allows you to insulate between the house frame and jamb of the window for even more insulation.

Window Hardware

hardware-album2From sash and casement locks to lifts, almost anything you imagine is available in a variety of colors. Sticking that’s applied to glass for the grilles come in different sizes and profiles all to meet your individual home’s needs.

To learn more about window replacement options, contact us today or check out the Kansas City Millwork Co. website