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Last updated on August 7, 2023

Sometimes remodeling isn’t all about making something look beautiful. In fact, ensuring your home is safe and secure is the number one thing you can do for your home. We know, through our years of remodeling, that homeowners need smaller repairs done efficiently and reliably which is why we introduced Schloegel Handyman Services in 2012. Fast forward to 2021 and our handyman services are in hot demand! Our skilled technicians are your very own home hero’s. When you have a leak causing damage throughout your home, or your door no longer closes as it should call in the Schloegel Handymen! They fix leaks, wood rot, replace windows, doors, toilets, and even do full kitchen remodels. Here’s a few recent projects where our home heroes saved the day.

Handyman Fix – Water leak & damage repair on a dormer window

A leak from the roof had cause wood rot surrounding a double-hung cased dormer window on this Leawood home. The leak had made its way through the garage ceiling. Chris Smith of our Handyman Services Team took lead on the job and replaced the window, repaired all the wood rot, and fixed the garage ceiling. Most importantly Chris and Vaught Roofing ensured the roof was fixed properly by replacing the metal flashings on the roof and window. Job well done Chris!




























Handyman Fix – Update existing bathtub with tile

An old tub surround, water damage, and peeling paint made this Independence bathroom feel dated and in disrepair. The homeowners reached out hoping to repair the damage and make a few small changes that would make a big impact. They worked with Troy Stout to put a plan together and yet again our home hero Chris Smith took the lead in getting their bathroom updated. Chris removed the existing tub surround and damaged drywall and installed waterproof tile backer board. He then installed 4 x 16 tiles surrounding the tub. Chris also repaired all the drywall, prepped the walls for paint, and painted. The clients kept their vanity, plumbing fixtures, and floor tile. It’s amazing how much a few repairs, fresh paint, and tile transformed this bathroom. Yet again, fabulous job Chris!





























If you a few things around your house that fixing or are ready to refresh a room give our Handyman Services Team a call and let them be a hero in your home!