Outdoor Pergola Project: Week 4


See what happened last week here! The angle timbers are installed at the three larger rafters to create a truss that supports the load of the rafters. The final layer in preparation for the roofing is the sheathing. In a lot of construction today, we see sheet material being used for the base to shingles. more »

Outdoor Pergola Project: Week 3

cosentino week 3

See what happened last week here!  With the ridge beam and support in place and the temporary walls stabilizing the legs, the existing arbor slats are removed. The primary roof support is made up of three rafters running down to the existing perimeter beam. Mid-span rafters are 4” x 4” and are blocked up from more »

Tips for a Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen remodeling can be both challenging and time consuming, especially when the homeowners juggle the projects with their own lives. Even if they hire a contractor, they will likely stress over the entire renovation until it is complete. Hiring a designer and professional remodeler will allow the process to flow more smoothly. The homeowner can more »

Outdoor Pergola Project: Week 2


Check out week 1 here. The lumber selected for the project is beautiful! It is all smooth cedar beams, from 8”x 10” to 4” x 4,” laced together to create the look on the underside of the structure. Staining prior to installation will make it much easier to have only touch-ups to the cut ends more »

Just Ask Jake: Wall Removal

Jake Schloegel, CR
President and Founder

Hello Jake, I have a quirky old home that has been added onto and has a strange layout. Much of the house has cinder-block walls.  I’m wondering how difficult it might be to remove these walls to open up the house more?   Thank you, N Hi N, The short answer is “Yes”.  I cannot more »

3 Steps to Home Maintenance


Home maintenance is an important part of owning any home, no matter where you live. Professional craftsmen can point the homeowner in the right direction and ever offer tips on important maintenance issues. 1. Batteries and Filters A top maintenance issue is to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Every home more »

Remodeling with Schloegel, A Quality Experience

kitchen remodel

Have you ever heard a remodeling horror story? Or watched anyone attempt it on their own on HGTV? Remodeling your home shouldn’t be scary, and shouldn’t blow your budget and time frame. At Schloegel, we communicate throughout the process and give you realistic expectations up front, so that you know what you’re getting into. And more »