2019 Big Splash Bathroom Reveal II – The Rovenstine Family

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Last updated on September 21, 2023

Late last year we announced our three 2019 Big Splash recipients; David Uria, Sage Rovenstine, and Henry Flores. It was just too hard to select one! Read more about them. And while the plan was to do a partial remodel on each of their bathrooms, the Schloegel team couldn’t help themselves and all three boys will end up with a brand-new bathroom. Today we’re sharing the Rovenstine family’s bathroom reveal. With everything going on in the world we’ve been a little late in sharing this, Sage’s bathroom was completed on February 27.

The Previous Bathroom

The original bathroom was not accessible, making daily activities more difficult for Sage. The doorway wasn’t wide enough to maneuver easily in his chair. He couldn’t get in out of the bathtub easily and he could user more grab bars to help him move about. In a nutshell, it wasn’t working for Sage today and for sure wouldn’t work as he continues to grow.








A New Design

The original plan was to keep much of the existing bathroom and install a zero-entry shower and widen the door. However when we decided that wasn’t going to cut it. Designer Kelsey Kimble worked with Sage and his family to create a bathroom customized to his needs. Now, the updated plan is an entirely new bathroom including a new accessible vanity, zero-entry shower, pocket door, comfort height toilet, grab bars, vinyl floors, and new fixtures throughout. Plus a few added bonuses like a shower niche for storing shampoo, etc, and a built-in bench in the shower.


An Accessible Bathroom

Sage loves his new bathroom! He showed us how easy it is for him to pull himself up in front of the sink and move in and out of the shower. He finally can be fully independent!

The beautiful new vanity is open underneath leaving room for Sage to wheel underneath it or pull himself up. The cabinets were generously donated from Crown Cabinetry and the awesome Onyx top and shower walls/floor were donated from The Onyx Collection. The vanity light highlights the space and was donated from Western Chandelier. The plumbing supplies and fixtures were all donated from Grandview Winnelson.

The awesome LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floors resemble hardwood but handle bathroom moisture so much better! They were generously donated from ProSource.

The new pocket door not only saves space but the large opening allows Sage to easily roll in and out of his bathroom. The door was donated from KC Millwork.

Additionally, Inception Plumbing generously donated all the plumbing modifications and installation, Jason Wright Electric donated the electrical rough-in and finish. JIII Drywall donated and installed the new drywall.

We feel so blessed that our amazing partners stepped up to help in a big way in this bathroom! This project would not have been possible without them!

We absolutely loved working with the Rovenstine family! They have one of those homes where you walk in and there’s happy, loving energy and you instantly feel comfortable. Hopefully, Sage feels right at home in his new bathroom and is loving his newfound independence. Thank you Rovenstine family!

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