More Good News, Newly Certified Lead Carpenters!

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Last updated on September 22, 2023

The good news keeps coming! Three of our team members, Nic Juncos, Kris Worden, and Doug Schauerman have become Certified Lead Carpenters (CLC)! The CLC is a certification from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Certified Lead Carpenter

NARI Certified Lead Carpenters (CLC) are recognized as expert hands-on field professionals who oversee every on-site aspect of the project, such as personnel management, subcontractor management, scheduling, safety, administration, customer satisfaction, etc. while also working on the site.

The CLC program addresses the fundamentals of in-the-field project management:

  • Operational practices and procedures designed to maintain projects on time and on the budget for increased profitability
  • Personnel management for optimization of workflow
  • Navigating building codes and communicating with code officials
  • Interpersonal communication with clients and trade contractors
  • Capabilities of the various trades required on the remodeling project and how to determine if the work is performed correctly

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum of five (5) years continuous experience in the remodeling industry, with at least two (2) years as a lead carpenter

Nic Juncos

Nic JuncosNic is no stranger to the construction industry. He started his career in hotel maintenance and then worked within commercial remodeling before joining Schloegel. Nic appreciates how everyone gets along and the comradery of the team. Help is never far away if you need it and co-workers don’t just help, they coach, to ensure you know how to do it moving forward. As Nic says, “Everyone has your back” and he would know. The entire Handyman team showed up to Nic’s home one Saturday to help with construction on his home.

Kris Worden

Kris is an expert in the industry. He’s not only great at remodeling but electrical modifications, plumbing modifications, handling gas lines, drywalling, and building decks. He’s found he’s able to listen and understand what a customer wants and then fuel their ideas with his trade and product knowledge.

On one of Kris’s past jobs, he found an old wallet still containing credit cards, ids, etc. The homeowner tracked down the wallet owner, a home remodeler from 20+ years before!

Doug Schauerman

Doug is no stranger to the construction industry. In fact, he owned his own handyman business for nearly 10 years before joining the Schloegel team. Whether it’s carpentry, tile, or plumbing he’s here to help! Doug has learned through his experience communication is key in all things whether that’s working with homeowners or his team. Listening and communicating carefully ensure expectations are met.

A self-described ‘country boy’ Doug and his family own several farm animals but a rooster on a past job site still shook him up. “The rooster attacked you every time you walked around the house. By the end of the job I had finally started to handle him by pushing him away.”

We are always proud when our team members become certified. A certification not only shows they’ve put in years of hands-on experience but have taken the time to improve their level of expertise.

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