We’re Excited to Announce our 2024 Olivia’s Big Splash Custom Bathroom Giveaway – Now Accepting Nominations

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Last updated on October 2, 2023

We're kicking off our 2024 Olivia's Big Splash Custom Bathroom Giveaway, and once again, we are working with the Oliva Bloomfield Foundation! Olivia, born with congenital muscular dystrophy, advocated for inclusivity and accessibility. We're honored to carry on her legacy.

Olivia's Big Splash gives a custom-designed and built bathroom to a deserving family with a child who has special needs. So many amazing families in our area struggle to help their children with daily bathroom activities because most bathrooms aren't built with accessibility in mind. We know how small changes can make a huge impact on a child's life, so we started the Big Splash Bathroom Giveaway fourteen years ago. It is an opportunity for our team to use their expertise to give back to the community we love so much.

How it Works

  • We are taking nominations October 2 - 27, 2023, for children benefitting from an accessible bathroom.
  • A professional within the field of children's services may make the nomination. Families with a child with special needs may also nominate themselves by providing a child services provider as a reference. 
  • The Giveaway recipient announcement will occur during the week of December 18th, 2023
  • The bathroom's construction will begin in 2024 at an agreed-upon time and schedule.
  • The giveaway includes a complete bathroom makeover, including handicap-accessible fixtures and features, a $25,000 value. Take a look at the Giveaway Rules for more details.

Last Year's Recipient - Lottie Ireland

Lottie is an incredible ten-year-old with an infectious smile. She loves music and toys that light up and make noise. Lottie was born with TBCK syndrome, a rare neurogenetic degenerative disease that causes intellectual and physical disabilities and seizures. This means she depends on care from her family, and as the disease progresses, it will be even more challenging for their family.

When we learned Lottie's favorite place is to be in the bathtub, and she loves water, we knew we had to create an improved bathroom for her! One that will fit her needs now and for all her future needs.

"When asked to send a few sentences about how our bathroom/ bedroom plus renovation has changed or bettered our lives, I had no idea how to put it into a few sentences. There is no way I could fully share my gratitude, so I will say this: Before Olivia's Big Splash, I dreamed of a bigger, different house for our family, specifically Lottie. I was sad because we knew that wasn't possible for us at the time. I did not see how we could make this home work of us as Lottie grew. The renovation changed that all; now Neal and I talk about our future in this house and how much we love it! My very favorite room is our new bathroom. All 5 of us use it daily, even if I try to tell the males in the house that it's for the girls only!! Lottie and Tinsley's bedroom, bathroom, and closets are pieces of luxury and peace in our crazy, chaotic life.

On top of all that, because of all the work, Olivia's Big Splash did, when we arrive home and get Lottie out of the car, there is a platform for her chair that leads to a ramp that leads to our front door, where we enter into all hard floors and widened doorways so her chair can go everywhere. I could go on and on about storage added and her amazing bath lift and new bed! But I will finish by saying this: Olivia's Big Splash changed our lives for the better. We even loved the reno time as we got to know the fantastic staff at Schloegel Design Remodel." - Katie Ireland