Adding more receptacles

Last updated on January 1, 1970

One of our designers went out to measure a home so she could start drawings for new concepts of the space. Although not unusual of a house build at this time, she noticed they had over 11’-6” of kitchen cabinetry with NO countertop receptacles. There is only one receptacle in the area, and it is off to the side at the light switch location. If you notice in the picture, the only outlet has the microwave chord draped over to it.

The house was built in 1928, and electrical codes have come a long way. Today it is required by the 2006 International Residential Code to have receptacle outlets installed so that no point along the wall is more than 24” from an outlet, which basically means every 4’ requires an outlet and 2’ from a corner.

After this kitchen gets remodeled the homeowner will not know what to do with all her kitchen counter outlets!