Rearranging a kitchen

Last updated on January 1, 1970

When remodeling a home built late 50’s, the range was located adjacent to the wall in the right corner. To avoid having to move the electrical, and there really is not any where else to relocate the electric range, are there any guidelines as to the amount of space there needs to be between the range and the wall to the right? I can put a backsplash and a side splash if needed. The problem is I have 27 inches for the sink base, 21 inches base cabinet, 30 inch range and 3 inches to the corner. If I put a 9 inch trey base to the right of the range, I lose my 21 inch base cabinet for pots and pans storage.

— Sara

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s “Planning Guidelines with Access Standards”, the recommended landing area on one side of the cooking surface is 12” and 15” on the other side. Do not locate the cooking surface below an operable window and maintain a minimum of 30” of clearance between the cooking surface and an unprotected overhead surface. The clearance can be a minimum of 24” if the overhead surface is protected, such as a metal hood.