3 Steps to Home Maintenance

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Last updated on December 10, 2022

Home maintenance is an important part of owning any home, no matter where you live. Professional craftsmen can point the homeowner in the right direction and ever offer tips on important maintenance issues.

1. Batteries and Filters

A top maintenance issue is to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Every home has them, and it is recommended to test them to make sure they are all operating correctly. The homeowners should replace the batteries at least once a year. A craftsman will also tell the homeowner to inspect furnace and air conditioner filters at least twice a year; failure to do this will cause a rise in the energy bill and could even cause a fire.

2. Gutters and Chimney

Another tip for good home maintenance is to inspect and clean out the gutters. This will prevent debris build-up and enable water runoff when it storms. Chimney flues and window wells should also be regularly cleaned in order to prevent build-up. This helps to prevent animals from nesting, and will also help to prevent a fire from occurring.

3. Inspection

A good precaution would be to schedule a home inspection every one to two years. This allows an inspector to come into the home and check out the integrity of the roof and foundation. This way, if there are hidden problems, it can be caught and fixed early with the help of professional craftsmen.

Sometimes, it is just not enough to do everything yourself. This is where the professionals can step in and handle it for you. A company employee will come out and take care of any issues, as well as check the entire home for any underlying problems. Often they will have a checklist to keep the homeowner in the loop with what they are doing and the status of each piece of the home that is inspected.

Underlying issues can turn into big problems if left untouched. Professional remodelers and designers can be hired to come in and take care of everything, leaving the homeowner worry-free. We have the highest standards for the quality of your home, so putting your trust in us to take care of your home is the easiest thing to do. Find out more about our home maintenance plans today.