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Last updated on January 15, 2021

Jake Schloegel, CR President and Founder
Jake Schloegel, CR
President and Founder

Hello Jake,

I have a quirky old home that has been added onto and has a strange layout. Much of the house has cinder-block walls.  I’m wondering how difficult it might be to remove these walls to open up the house more?

Thank you,


Hi N,

The short answer is “Yes”.  I cannot recall seeing a wall that could not be removed.  Some walls are easier than others.

If your home is one story, then structurally it is no different than a wood-framed wall removal. Just make sure that you put up temporary supports to carry the load of the ceiling and roof.  A masonry wall, as compared to a wood-framed wall, will be little more messy and heavier to remove and load to a dumpster.

If your home is two story, then you might have a masonry wall on top of the wall that is to be removed.  This will complicate matters, but not make the removal impossible.

I suggest you hire a professional remodeling company that provides design and construction services.  Most likely a licensed engineer, which can be hired by the remodeling company, will have to be involved to determine the size of beam and method of installation.