3rd Annual Holiday Dumpster Décor Contest

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Last updated on December 22, 2021

Update - We have a winner! Congrats to the Gingerbread House team on their amazing dumpster. We will be donating $500 to Healing House, Inc.

Our team gets pretty into the holidays so it only makes sense they’d go above and beyond on our Dumpster Décor Competition. Their unparalleled creativity coupled with meticulous design and craftsmanship is only elevated with their team’s comradery. The end result is three spectacular dumpsters, yes, we’re talking about the receptacle that holds trash.

This year we divided the entire Schloegel force into 3 teams and assigned them a dumpster and a small budget, what they did from there was up to them. Below is the end result. Now we need your help. Please take a second to vote for your favorite dumpster. Each vote means a $1 donation to the winning team’s selected charity (up to $2,000). And on top of that our awesome friends and U-Load-It are matching $500. That’s up to $2,500 for a charity that could benefit from funds this time of year. Let’s make sure they get every dollar!


For reference here’s an undecorated dumpster

Gingerbread House


How cute is this? The Gingerbread House team used the side of the dumpster to construct a gingerbread house. Tempted to take a bite? Maybe hold off on that the trim is a spray foam and let’s not forget it’s a garbage bin.

Since 2002, Healing House has provided recovery housing and support that assists both men and women to experience long-term recovery from substance use disorders. We operate safe and stable recovery residences and offer programs that provide opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Nearly 200 individuals on any given day reside in our thirteen private homes and two apartment buildings. Last year we served over 1,100 individuals, helping them on the road to recovery and meaningful drug- and alcohol-free lives.

Christmas Is on Back Order

Wounded Warrior Project

How appropriate for this year! Seems you hear the words, “there’s a shortage” any time you try to do anything! Funny enough Christmas Is on Back Order team ordered hard hats to wear for their decorating and they were delayed in shipping! We love the creativity they used and thinking outside the ‘box’.

The team selected the Wounded Warrior Project as their charity. The project helps veterans transition to civilian life. They are there for their first step, and each step that follows. Because they believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. There’s always another goal to achieve, another mission to discover. They are their partner in that mission.

Radio Flyer

American Stroke Foundation

The nostalgia is strong on this one. Team 3 created a large Radio Flyer wagon filled with classic toys like Play-Doh, SDR building blocks, Etch A Sketch, Legos, and more! The kiddos definitely upped the cuteness.

The team selected the American Stroke Foundation. The American Stroke Foundation’s Vision is to T reach out to stroke survivors and their families across America and empower them to reclaim hope for life after stroke.

Since their inception in 1997 they’ve served over 4,000 stroke survivors and their families, regardless of their ability to pay. Through our fitness programs, classes, life skills development, community outings, and support groups, the ASF continues its mission of supporting stroke survivors and their families through their ongoing journeys of ‘life after stroke’.