8 Gorgeous Shower Upgrades We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Last updated on November 16, 2023

We all know that feeling of stepping into a beautifully designed shower and instantly feeling a sense of tranquility and luxury. If you're looking to transform your own shower into a spa haven, we’ve outlined 8 of our recent shower remodels to help inspire your future project.

From timeless elegance to sleek and modern, we’ll go through some amazing projects to help you imagine what your shower could possibly look like—and hopefully spark a vision that you’ll love.

Shower #1: Traditional Luxury

Designer: Gayle Jagoda

This timeless shower will never go out of fashion. From the Classic Statuario marble and mosaic tile to the glass enclosure and the brass hardware, this shower is bright and spacious. We love how extending the chair rail to the shower gives it that something “extra” that makes this bathroom classic, yet unique.

Shower #2: Contemporary Steam

Designer: Kelly Summers

This monochromatic shower is anything but minimalistic with its striking beehive tile pattern and black fixtures. This shower pulls out all the stops with a Moen slide bar shower head, stationary shower head, and two additional jets. Opposite the fixtures are the dual niche and steam shower controls. Plus, an added mirror for shaving while showering. This steam shower oasis is energizing but is sure to leave you refreshed.

Shower #3: Delightful Tile

Designer: Nina Schmidt

The tile in this shower is absolutely charming. The slate blue design paired with the gray floor plays with one of the themes of 2023 - bold tile. Even with the fun tile, this shower evokes a clean and rejuvenated feel.

Shower #4: Unique Shape

Designer: Gayle Jagoda

When space is on your side, you have the unique opportunity to play with the size and shape of your shower. This roomy shower has a subtle opulence with rich colored tile and the perception of increased height by extending a portion of floor mosaic tile to the ceiling. Typically, showers of this size are reserved for 5-star spas, but how amazing would it be to have one a home!

Shower #5: Room for 2

Designer: Megan Bringman

This gorgeous his and her shower has it all. Not only is it stunning but it creates the space for time efficiency in the morning. The two-door glass enclosure with the carrara marble has a lavish intimacy in a spa-like atmosphere.

Shower #6: Coastal Vibes

Designer: Kelly Summers

This shower seems to teleport you from the Midwest straight to California dreaming with the pebble floor and sea-glass tile. We can’t see any way that you would leave this shower feeling less than refreshed!

Shower #7: Marble and Zero Entry

Designer: Donna Kirsopp

We love a zero entry shower with a full glass enclosure. This design creates a seamless transition from the shower to the rest of the bathroom by extending the bathroom floor into the shower. Not only is it stunning with the marble, it makes the shower and the rest of the bathroom feel larger. This shower has the perfect level of “grandness” to it.

Shower #8: Vintage Vibes

This timeless shower is a classic in the best possible way. From the brass hardware to the antique blue subway tile, this shower blends the best of vintage design with the functionality and beauty of modern design.

We couldn’t pick a clear shower winner—ultimately, you will need to choose the shower that fits your personality and style, along with the functionality you want (size, benches, number of shower heads, type of shower, shower niches, mirrors, etc.). Each shower has something to love and is an opportunity for you to quite literally wash away stress and build a serene spa like retreat at home.