8 Reasons to Hire A Design-Build Remodeler for Your Next Home Project

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Last updated on September 20, 2023

Your home is likely one of if not your largest, investment. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment when it’s time to make improvements/changes? We share eight reasons why a design-build firm might be the right fit for you and your project.

1. Single Point of Contact

A design-build firm negates the need to hire an architect, designer, and contractor known as “design, bid, build”. In design-build company, those functions exist under one business which means you’ll work with the same team from your initial conversation through the final presentation of your finished remodel. Not only will they work better as a team, but you will never be placed in the middle of difficult decisions or conversations.


2. Design that Fits Your Needs & Budget

Since your design is created alongside the team bidding and building your project, they’ll help you understand the cost implications of design decisions and guide you to stay within your budget.


3. No Price Surprises – Fixed Price Contract

Design-build costs may be higher than other bids, but thanks to all the upfront planning, you avoid hidden costs during and at the end of your project. Your fixed-price contract includes actual bids from subcontractors and all your material costs rather than allowances. When you sign your contract, you are locked into that price unless you decide to add something additional to your project or there is a large unforeseen issue.


4. Experienced Designers 

Design is about a lot more than pretty; understanding spatial requirements and functional design is key. Experienced designers design with your needs at the forefront to create a high-functioning space and then layer on materials to create a beautiful space. For example, cabinetry is crucial to a kitchen’s function and efficiency. If done wrong, you’ll know immediately and regret those decisions for years.


5. Timing is a Priority

Is adhering to the agreed-upon schedule and finishing on time important to you? For some people knowing when their project will actually finish is worth more than saving money and dealing with a long-drawn-out project. Detailed upfront planning, a cohesive team, and trained professionals ensure your project adheres to that schedule.


6. Exceptional Craftsmanship

Schloegel’s craftsmen have over 600 years of experience in the construction industry. Your project will have access to all that knowledge. Additionally, we at Schloegel hold ourselves to a higher standard of craftsmanship. Plumb, level, and square are standard expectations. We don’t do shortcuts. Your design-build project will not only function and look beautiful, but its quality will stand the test of time.


7. Minimize Risks

Unfortunately, unexpected issues can arise during a remodeling project. Working with a design-build firm minimizes risk as there aren’t multiple companies involved. As your single point of contact, the onus is on our team to fix any issues. And fix it they will, our team has the experience and expertise to identify and solve any problems that may occur, and we keep you informed throughout the process. 

Additionally, a design-build firm should be licensed and insured; however, this should be TRUE of any construction company you work with. Please look for an alternative contractor if yours does not have a license or insurance. No amount of savings is worth that risk.


8. Stress-Free Remodel

The remodeling process can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? Should you hire an architect, contact the city with requirements, or do you pick cabinets first? A design-build firm addresses all those stressors and guides you through the entire process with expert knowledge. From start to finish, you’ll be in control of your project, and we’ll usher you from step to step to ensure you stay within your desired time frame without sacrificing your home dreams.

Ready to start your dream project? Give us a call to speak with a Schloegel expert.