January 1, 1970
Tiered-countertop, before
Tiered-countertop, Before
After, Updated Walls, Ceiling & Countertop

This ranch home in Leawood needed a number of updates, especially in the basement. We started off by replacing the tiered tile bar countertop, allowing more working space on the lower tier for the client. Next, we painted the basement walls and replaced the ceiling tiles, while realigning the grid and lights in the process. Finally we added a recirculating heat pump on the hot water supply line to allow for “on-demand” hot water throughout the whole house!  We also took care of a few minor items throughout the rest of the home, including replacing multiple burnt out light bulbs and two different faucets and supply lines, and adjusting cabinet door hinges. In the end, it was the much needed makeover our client desired.

This repeat customer was not looking to remodel the whole basement, but wanted to clean up the space and add a fresh look.  Do you have areas of your home that don’t necessarily call for a complete remodel, but could use some attention?  Call our Handyman Services today for a consultation.  Contact Charlie at (816) 361-9669 or [email protected].