A Brookside Home Addition with Everyday Elegance – Gold & All Star REMY Winner

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Last updated on February 27, 2023

As the holidays have officially kicked off, we wanted to share this stunning addition and remodel. The homeowners dreamed of space for hosting family meals and events. Donna Kirsopp and Billy Andrews were able to turn their dream into a reality.

This 1920’s Brookside home has tons of character, which our clients loved, but they wanted to bring it into the 21st century to fit their lifestyle. When we first met with us, they shared they wanted to add a large addition to their home which would include a space for gathering with friends and family, a mudroom, and a laundry room.

A larger, better-flowing kitchen and living space were at the top of their wish list. Sightlines were also important because as grandparents, they love taking care of their grandchildren but weren’t able to keep track of them if they needed to be in the kitchen while the kids played in the living room. Our clients also love to host large family gatherings and they found everyone usually lingered in the kitchen rather than congregating in the living space. The home was missing an informal space for friends and family.


With the larger kitchen, we were able to rotate the island to sit guests more comfortably. The sink wall windows stayed in place, and are flanked by upper white wall cabinets with glass inserts. We selected beautiful classic white cabinets and with bronze hardware pulls and knobs. The appliances are integrated with the cabinetry with custom panels. Beautiful quartz countertops with warm veining capture the essence of marble but are maintenance-free. We highlighted the backsplash with accent tile and a pot filler to easily fill large pots while cooking. The large pendants above the island bring a warmer tone to the home.









Coffee Bar

Our clients are big coffee drinkers and hoped we’d be able to work a coffee bar into their new kitchen. By relocating their powder room to the addition, we were able to open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room. We took out the built-in cabinets and added the coffee bar including a sink allowing them to easily fill up their coffee machines and clean them out.

Before                                                 After















Family Room

We fully achieved the coveted kitchen to family room sightlines! Our homeowners can keep an eye on their grandchildren, host larger parties, or simply watch tv while cooking. We were even able to include a breakfast table for less formal dining. The house really only had a living room before and they needed something less formal. The addition ties into where the living room exterior wall used to be. Since the home was built in the ’20s, we wanted to preserve as much character as possible. We matched a lot of existing ornate molding for this project. Timeless light fixtures tie into the home’s classic charm and dark stained wood floors throughout the main level keep the home cohesive.



A family room isn’t complete without a fireplace and that was a must-have for our clients. We created a new chimney to support the gas fireplace. A veneer stone surrounds the fireplace and goes to ceiling height, which makes it the eye-catcher of the room. New windows flank both sides of the fireplace while French doors lead to the front outdoor patio for easy entertaining.





Laundry Room

The clients were tired of going down to the unfinished basement to do laundry. Their new narrow laundry room delivers tons of function for our clients. The built-in cabinets store laundry accouterments as well as additional mudroom and pet items. The stacked washer and dryer give the client plenty of counter space for folding clothes. An open space under the counter fits laundry baskets and we even created a hanging rack for freshly laundered shirts. A pocket door leading to the laundry allows our clients to close it when guests are over or to keep noise from the machines out of the living area.

















Powder Room and Mudroom

The powder room carries on the elegance of the kitchen with its cabinet-style, quartz counter, and gold fixtures. The old powder room was adjacent to the kitchen and dining room, not exactly ideal for taking care of business. Moving the powder room gave us the space we needed to give the kitchen what it needed.

The existing mudroom wasn’t a true mudroom, but more of an entry that they’d tried to make work for storing shoes, bags, etc. It wasn’t cutting it. The mudroom area while not large is perfectly functional for clients. It provides a spot for jackets, bags, shoes, and baskets.



















Matching materials was difficult as the home had S Spanish tile roofing, which is hard to come by and even harder to find someone to install it! We knew a completely flat roof would not do the home justice. The new roof has Spanish tiles but also has a flat part in the middle so we would not disturb windows on the second floor. The new brick patio is right off the driveway and near the garage for a quick walk in.

We were able to stucco and paint the addition to match the rest of the home. New copper downspouts and gutters really play off the home’s Spanish style. We put in extra design time to ensure the new chimney matched the exterior of the home and didn’t feel out of place.